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Example Projects / Services


assess the company’s current culture, identifying areas for improvement, and making recommendations for changes. This could include surveys, interviews, or other methods of gathering information.

Talent Acquisition

developing a strategy and action plan to find, attract and onboard the people who will contribute positively to desired culture, purpose and outcomes. It could include developing the process related to job descriptions, advertising positions, screening candidates, conducting interviews, and making job offers.

Building Successful People Teams

helping clients build a team that can handle all aspects of human resources, from hiring to employee engagement, performance management, and more. The team would be responsible for ensuring that the company’s culture and values are upheld and that employees are satisfied and productive.

Pay Design and Philsophy

reconfirming or designing pay philosophy and strategy (why and how) to ensure pay levels and bands (what & how much) are competitive, equitable and transparent.

Organizational Design

 co-create how a company can organize its people into teams and business functions that will deliver on desired culture, purpose and outcomes. It might include outlining leadership expectations, defining business function scopes, and core deliverables

Equity Incentive Plans

create new plans or assess and make recommended changes to existing plans that are compliant, competitive and tie-back to organizational goals and purpose

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