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Purpose and Values

What guides and directs
Professional Purpose

Is a deliberate choice to pursue a future that is personally meaningful, beneficial to a greater good, and influences my goals and behaviors.


With the benefit of successes and failures, I strive to help people within organizations understand how they can create and evolve clarity around shared goals and objectives.

Values shape who I am

Integrity is my compass; I uphold a robust moral code, guiding how I interact with others and expect to be treated in return. Every day, I strive to build a truer version of myself, embracing growth and introspection. Accountability isn't just a word; it's a principle I live by and hope to see in others. Mastery and competence fuel my confidence. I champion fairness, advocating for equitable opportunity and just treatment for all. The joy in my life amplifies when I can make a difference in someone else's. Collaborative endeavors, shared moments, and collective triumphs are the essence of my fulfillment. In every facet of life—be it personal, professional, mental, or physical—I pursue balance.

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