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About People for DAOs

People for DAOs (P4D) was born out of a vision to offer People Operations guidance and actionable strategies to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). The goal is enable Web3 workers to cultivate and evolve organizational culture, set transparent people practices, and navigate the compliance intricacies of a centralized world.


Since the inception of P4D, I've also collaborated with companies that follow traditional organizational structures: C-suite leaders, Board of Directors, and various business functions. My consulting role often mirrors that of a "Fractional Chief People Officer" (CPO), aiding companies to view people operations through the prisms of culture, performance, growth, and scalability. Some clients have also sought my expertise for short-term projects concerning compensation, equity, and people analytics.


Before founding P4D, I had the privilege of working in diverse sectors such as Web3, Financial Technology, and Gaming. I previously headed the People Success team at a Web3/Blockchain Foundation (MakerDAO) and occupied senior roles in Rewards at ERP (Certinia), Networking (Cisco), and Healthcare (McKesson) companies. My experience includes engagements with PE and VC firms like a16z, TCV, and Polychain. 

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